Marijuana and Business

If Question 7 passes, doctors, teachers, school bus drivers, police, firefighters, and many others would be permitted to legally possess and use marijuana. Question 7 protects a person “from arrest, civil or criminal penalty,” “discipline by any state or local licensing board and state prosecution” for possession, transfer, or use of up to one ounce […]

Did it cost Nevada $42 million to arrest almost 5,000 people last year for marijuana?

The legalizers are claiming that enforcing Nevada’s marijuana laws cost the state $42 million. The figure is based upon Jeffrey A. Miron’s report: “The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition,” June 2005.But who paid for the report?Mr. Miron states:  “The Marijuana Policy Project provided the funding for the research discussed in this report.”The same organization is […]

Only 3% of the 155,000 arrests statewide in 2005 were for marijuana possession

What if the initiative passes and the state can’t license or regulate the sales of marijuana? The marijuana legalizers know the U.S. Constitution and Federal law don’t permit the state of Nevada to license and regulate marijuana. The legalizers put language in the initiative that states “Whereas, If certain portions of this initiative are found […]


If the initiative passes wouldn’t the state tax marijuana and generate millions of dollars? The pushers of legalizing marijuana in Nevada would like voters to think passing the initiative would allow the state to collect millions of dollars of tax revenue. Even if the initiative passes in November it is very unlikely that the state […]

Nevada voters rejected legalizing marijuana in 2002

Would passing the initiative take marijuana sales out of the hands of criminal drug dealers? The proponents of legalizing marijuana in Nevada claim that voting in favor of the initiative would take sales of the drug out of the hands of criminal drug dealers. They would like voters to believe that Nevada’s Department of Taxation […]