Skills I learned Being an Escort

When I started working in the escort industry, I can say I was at the height of unhappiness. My life crumbled down in front of me after I lost my corporate job and broke up with my lover. I had little self-confidence in my overall self. This negative self-image resulted in a negative personality, and it was definitely not working out well for me in this industry.

As a newbie in the escort industry, I had little idea of how this business worked or what I was doing. Initially, I had responded to a random central London escort agency ad I found online. They were hiring London escorts, and it was not long before I got engaged, but only for a meager rate.

To cut a long story short, I have been working with this escort agency for over seven years now, and I can say that despite the highs and lows, it has helped shape me in some ways. Here are some of the most important life lessons I have learned.

To Believe In My Instinct

Girls might relate to this idea more than guys since women are more vulnerable when it comes to risky situations. From a young age, I was always aware not to talk to male strangers, be careful walking in the streets, or at parties. Sex working factors in this ‘sixth sense’- Instinct greatly. When meeting a new client, you should evaluate them for any risks by screening their profiles. If something feels off, the best action is leaving.

To Be Positively-Minded

Many people view sex workers as only some piece of equipment to make men happy. To make it clear, I can tell you that this isn’t the case. Even though we all yearn for that perfect body, you should never ignore the power of a positive mindset. Many of my experiences with clients are psychological. Having the right attitude and a warm smile, for that matter, is what makes clients keep coming back.

To Respect People from Any Background

We are social creatures, who are deeply enrooted in our social structures and cultures. As an escort, I have stepped out of these boundaries and met people that I wouldn’t have met during my regular life. I have been intimate with Italian, European, Greek, and Indian people. Besides interacting with these people, it has exposed me to several interests I would never have encountered before, such as horse racing, football, and gambling.

To Claim My Sexuality

We live in a world where our cultures restrict us from exploring our sexuality. Working as an escort means that you have to discard all these baggage and do what you want. Even though many people often fall victim to ‘slut-shaming,’ getting your head up and claiming my sexuality has helped me a great deal fight with this stigmatization. I cannot say I’m perfect, but escorting gets me my daily bread, and I’m not shy about it.

When to Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Saying ‘no’ is a vital part of working as an escort. Not once or twice have my limits been pushed to the wall. These are clients who are not mature enough to respect my boundaries. Accepting or refusing, assertively, and appropriately, is quite empowering. I have extended this skill to other life areas, and it has been working out for me.

Ultimately, working as an escort is both educational and exciting, and I’ve come to learn a lot about human behavior, and most importantly, myself. Even though looks are good, they do not match the value of self-love, positive attitude, and self-confidence.

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