Only 3% of the 155,000 arrests statewide in 2005 were for marijuana possession

What if the initiative passes and the state can’t license or regulate the sales of marijuana?

The marijuana legalizers know the U.S. Constitution and Federal law don’t permit the state of Nevada to license and regulate marijuana.

The legalizers put language in the initiative that states “Whereas, If certain portions of this initiative are found to be inoperable or unconstitutional, it is the intent of the people of the State of Nevada to implement as much of the initiative as possible.”

Licensing and regulating marijuana sales are “inoperable” and “unconstitutional” as the initiative requires.

If the initiative passes state law would be changed to allow possession of one ounce of marijuana for adults 21 and older. Federal law would still prohibit the possession of marijuana but it would be very unlikely federal law enforcement would pursue persons with one once of marijuana.

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